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Lisatud 16.03.2020

Katze Maja’s interior decoration packages are designed by Lilia Kristianson. Lilia is an interior designer who does her job with passion and considers herself really lucky to be able to do what she loves for living. Lilia has been designing beautiful interiors for the past 14 years.

While creating interior decoration packages for this project, she drew inspiration from Katze Maja’s architecture and the surrounding Kassisaba living environment. Lilia blieves that interior and exterior architecture must create a whole, where interior design supports ther architecture, and the architecture adds value and character to the area.

Her goal was to create a selection of interior packages that would make people feel good. She believes that the interior decoration package is the foundation upon which every family builds their own home, she focused on solutions that were neutral but have character.

Lilia mindfully chose materials that were natural and durable because home is something permanent, that is also the reason why she did not create packages with intense and exhausting colours nor did she follow any current fashion fad. As a result of her work, three interior design packages were created, two of which were named after cat breeds giving a nod to Katze Maja and Kassisaba.


Brightness is one of the most sought after qualities people want in their new home. That is why many prefer light tonality at home to emphasize it. The Devon package is for those who love light and cool colors. Light colours makes it easy to decorate your home by easily matching details and accents to your taste.

The Scandinavian crisp tonality is further accentuated using bleached oak parquet on the floors. In turn, the beautiful fishtail pattern on the bathroom feature wall fits in with the diagonal geometry of the exterior façade of the building.


The Bengali package is the most classic of the three. Light colors also dominate this package, but the overall feel is warmer than Devon package. This interior package is designed for those who prefer light interior and the look of natural oak wood that creates warm and cozy atmosphere. Natural oak wood parquet and interior doors make it easy to decorate the rest of the home as well, since many furniture designers love oak finishing and use it a lot in their creations.

The inspiration for the bathroom feature wall of the Bengali interior package comes from the exterior diagonal geometry of Katze Maja.


The VIP package is the most daring yet very elegant. It fits best with the character of the whole building. Dark French fishtail parquet floor plays the key role in this package. The same pattern has been transferred to the bathroom feature wall.

The VIP package uses luxoriously dark tonality that is accentuated by beautiful copper details, which show their full glamour against the dark bathroom tiles.